Independence for Living 

   Occupational Therapy Assessment             Advice on Equipment            Housing Adaptation             Rehabilitation 

What we provide


Serving East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire & Hull, Independence for Living provides assessment by an Independent Occupational Therapist of an individual's functional and daily living needs and provides services to enable independence or improved quality of living.


Following assessment by the Occupational Therapist, intervention includes therapy/rehabilitation/reablement, advice on equipment to aid daily living, moving & handling plans, or recommendations for housing adaptations. Assessment report is provided.


Occupational Therapy assessment is in the following areas;


Within the Home & other activities

  • Access into the home
  • Mobility around the home
  • Mobility outdoors
  • Negotiating steps and stairs
  • Getting on/off chairs
  • Bathing & showering
  • In/out of bed
  • Toileting
  • Personal care & grooming
  • Moving & handling needs
  • Meal preparation
  • Carrying items
  • Shopping & cleaning
  • Dressing  & undressing
At the Workplace 
Access into the workplace
Mobility within the workplace
Adaptations/equipment required to facilitate tasks
Work station assessment
Residential/Nursing Homes
The Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) Standard 22 Occupational Therapy Assessments. See our Residential & Nursing Homes webpage.

Who are our customers


Independence for Living is an Independent Occupational Therapy service for children and adults who have mobility problems, physical disability, mental health/emotional issues or learning difficulties.


These problems may be due to a variety of reasons including congenital disorders, through accident or injury, negligence, illness, work related stress, or because of the aging process.


We are contacted because there is a requirement for daily living needs to be assessed quickly by an experienced, fully qualified, Independent Occupational Therapist and action within a time frame to suit the client.


Our customers want professional, up to date advice, recommendations, rehabilitation or therapy without having to wait for an assessment by statutory organisations with restrictions on resources, time and funding.


Our services are of value to injury lawyers, insurance companies and case managers who want professional assessment and rehabilitation services for their clients.


Assessments are carried out for;


  •           Individuals and their families
  •           Charities
  •           Mobility Centres
  •           Disability Equipment Providers
  •           Care Agencies
  •           Residential & Nursing Homes
  •           Architects
  •           Building Surveyors
  •           Healthcare Providers & NHS
  •           Solicitors
  •           Insurance Companies
  •           Local Authorities
  •           Housing Associations
  •           Blue Badge Assessment Centres
  •           Building Contractors
  •           Case Managers
  •           Private Hospitals