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Care Home Assessments

 If you would like to arrange assessment of your premises or of an individual resident please contact us.

The Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) is responsible for the inspection of Care Homes in accordance with National Minimum Standards (2002) issued by the Department of Health (Care Act 2000), see CSCI website


Standard 22 states that;


22.1 "The registered person demonstrates that an assessment of the premises and facilities has been made by suitably qualified persons, including a qualified occupational therapist, with specialist knowledge of the client groups catered for, and provides evidence that the recommended disability equipment has been secured or provided and environmental adaptations made to meet the needs of service users".

22.2 "Service users have access to all parts of service users’ communal and private space, through the provision of ramps and passenger lifts, where required to achieve this".

22.3 "The home provides grab rails and other aids in corridors, bathrooms, toilets, communal rooms and where necessary in service users’ own accommodation".


22.4 "Aids, hoists and assisted toilets and baths are installed which are capable of meeting the assessed needs of service users".

22.5 "Doorways into communal areas, service users’ rooms, bathing and toilet facilities and other spaces to which wheelchair users have access, have a clear opening width of 800mm".

22.6 "Facilities, including communication aids (e.g. a loop system), and signs are provided to assist the needs of all service users, taking account of the needs, for example, of those with hearing impairment, visual impairment, dual sensory impairments, learning disabilities or dementia or other cognitive impairment, where necessary".

22.7 "Storage areas are provided for aids and equipment, including wheelchairs".

22.8 "Call systems with an accessible alarm facility are provided in every room".

Standard 6
 "Assessment for equipment, rehabilitation and promotion of independence.
 Provision of suitable environments to promote healthy living and functional abilities".

Standard 8
"Promotion and maintenance of service users’ physical and psychological health via activity and exercise including falls prevention.."

Standard 12 
"Individual programmes of meaningful occupational activity to promote independence, maintain social contact and prevent functional decline".
"Facilitative equipment".
"Therapeutic aspects of activity to enable continuance of leisure, social and cultural interests and activities".

Standard 13
"Advise on networking with the local community".


Standard 38
"Advise on equipment to assist with manual handling and safe working practices".